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Egnatia Palace Hotel

Egnatia Palace Hotel offers you a luxurious and comfortable stay in the city center.

Which places should I visit in Thessaloniki?

Ιn Thessaloniki, of course, the places where you can go and have fun and the options are numerous. After all, Thessaloniki is considered by many to be the most lively and young city in Greece. It is no coincidence that those who visit her fall in love with her. It is a city that has a young population while being accessible to all ages combining rich history, culture, entertainment and of course...good food!!! Visit the renovated spaces in the Port, get lost in the picturesque alleys of the Upper Town admiring the wonderful view it offers, enjoy your coffee on the Beach and also visit one of the 22 interesting Museums that the city has.

In the historic area of ​​Ladadiki, taste delicious dishes, while you will experience part of the daily life of the residents of Thessaloniki, which is characterized by its own distinct relaxed rhythms but also a special, different approach to life itself. You will soon understand why this city is so quickly loved by all who visit it! If you are looking to find the most worthwhile places in Thessaloniki to visit, the locals will tell you about the magic behind each place. Also, ask our knowledgeable reception staff for any information you need about your city tour!

Why should I choose the Egnatia Hotel?

Egnatia Palace Hotel is an art hotel 4 stars and offers all advantages of a city hotel which combination comfort and wellness. The hotel is located at the city of center nearly to Aristotelous Square. Meet the fine aesthetic, the luxury and the impeccable service that which offers.

Which season is considered suitable to visit Thessaloniki?

All seasons of the year are considered suitable for someone to visit Thessaloniki!!! Of course, the ideal season for a trip to the nymph of the North is autumn and spring, and there are many reasons. First of all, you avoid the "heavy" cold of Winter, if you don't want to load your suitcase with thick clothes as well as the humidity, which is high during the winter months. On the other hand, summer is nice but the temperature rises in the closed city and most residents prefer Halkidiki and its beaches for their summer holidays. Therefore, it is worth visiting more in the spring when the trees in the parks are blooming and the place is full of musk, making Thessaloniki a more romantic destination, while in the autumn the city and especially its center is alive again, as the students return. Christmas in Thessaloniki is a good destination with the city and its shopping center decorated so nicely and it is no coincidence that it attracts so many visitors.

Which meals are included in the prices?

The Standard and Non Refundable price includes a European-style breakfast, but lunch and dinner are not provided.

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How to get in Thessaloniki?

For the trip Athens - Thessaloniki there are the following ways:
Train - OSE

1) Train - OSE
Journey time: 5 hours and 20 minutes (except for dinner which takes from 6 to 7.30 hours)
2) Bus
Travel time: approximately 6 hours. Depending on the traffic.
3) Airplane
There are three companies serving the route Athens (El. Venizelos) - Thessaloniki: AEGEAN, OLYMPIC and RYANAIR.

Where is Egnatia Palace Hotel? Is there transfer to and from to airport?

Egnatia Palace Hotel is located at the center of Thessaloniki. Nearly to Aristotelous Square and Thermaikos Kolpos, in the 61 Egnatia street. Egnatia Palace Hotel can organize your transfer to and from airport with extra charge.

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What times can I check in - check out?

Check in is at 15:00 and check out until 11:00. Departure time is 11:00. There will be no extra charge if you need to check out by 15:00 at the latest, but you must inform reception.

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Is there night life in Thessaloniki?

The night life of the city promises strong emotions and unique experiences for entertainment in Thessaloniki... In a place that never... sleeps and where the entertainment and fun have no end, you will be carried away by the liveliness of thousands of students and you will learn what it means to be authentic entertainment from the Northern Helladians in person! The bars, the boutiques, the clubs that beat the pulse of the youth and the bouzouki literally make the night...day!

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